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Peezy Midstream

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Peezy Midstream

The Peezy Midstream tackles high rates of failed diagnoses and repeated patient testing caused by unreliable urine specimen collection. It guarantees an accurate midstream specimen thereby enabling right-first-time diagnosis and treatment for conditions such as urinary tract infections and cancers.


Urine Contamination Facts

  • Urine is used as a diagnostic tool because it is a carrier of cancer biomarkers, bacteria, glucose, protein and more.
  • Traditional urine specimen collection has a 20.5% contamination rate in the United States.
  • Of the 277 million urine specimens taken annually in the US, 55.2 million are failed urine tests.
  • Using Peezy Midstream could save more than $717 million on retesting alone.

How Peezy Midstream Works

    • Peezy Midstream rejects the first, often contaminated, 8-10mL of urine and directs the flow into the toilet.
    • A small sponge blocks the exit so midstream urine flows into the attached lab-friendly 10mL collection tube.
    • Once the collection tube is full, additional urine is expelled through a separate duct into the toilet so the Peezy Midstream will never overflow.
    • The patient removes Peezy from the body, then disconnects and secures the collection tube with the supplied lid.




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