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  • 15 Oct

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    MED Alliance Welcomes New Partner Intellego Technologies

    MED Alliance International, a division of MED Alliance Group, LLC, is pleased to announce its partnership with Intellego Technologies, the world-leading manufacturer of ultraviolet dose indicators. UVC Dosimeters use simple-to-use indicator cards that change color based on the accumulated dose of invisible UV-C irradiation delivered from devices operating at 254 nm, 260-280 nm and 222 nm. The color change provides instant, visible evidence to confirm the safe, effective and efficient use of ultraviolet disinfection systems used to kill or inactivate viruses, bacteria and spores.

    Intellego Technologies, based in Sweden, is partnering with MED Alliance to provide logistical and operational support to deliver UVC Dosimeters to clinical customers in the U.S. and Canada.

    “We are confident MED Alliance’s logistical expertise will benefit Intellego Technologies as they strive to expand their U.S. market share,” said MED Alliance Vice President of Operations and Finance Lindsey Allende. “We very much look forward to working with Intellego and growing our partnership.”

    Learn more about Intellego Technologies and their innovative UVC Dosimeters.

    MED Alliance International is a medical device distributor offering domestic and foreign medical device manufacturers specialized logistical and operational solutions. We are dedicated to partnering with manufacturers of high-quality, cost-effective and innovative medical devices that improve patient care. We are delighted to add Intellego Technologies to our portfolio of manufacturing partners.

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