Overview of IMBiotechnologies

IMBiotechnologies is a Canadian-based medical device company specializing in therapeutic embolization products for embolotherapy, a minimally invasive treatment used in interventional radiology to destroy unresectable/inoperable hypervascularized tumors.  IMB’s mission is to create and commercialize innovative products that treat disease and improve quality of life.

Ekobi ™ Microspheres are Biodegradable, Hyperechoic and Effective

Ekobi is a first-in-class biodegradable embolic agent that is detectable by ultrasound for the treatment conditions such as kidney and liver cancer, enlarged prostates and uterine fibroids. Ekobi Microspheres are delivered through a catheter into blood vessels that feed a target tissue and selectively block the tissue’s blood supply. The tissue is either destroyed or devitalized.


  • Microspheres biodegrade and are completely eliminated from the body in 4-6 months, unlike other embolic agents
  • Made from PLGA, an established and safe polymer
  • Safely breaks down into carbon dioxide and water


  • Real-time microsphere detection with standard ultrasound
  • Detectable during procedure and post-procedure
  • Potential to reduce fluoroscopy timer

Enhanced Clotting Mechanism

  • Binds the patient’s circulating platelets
  • Promotes efficient clot formation

Ekobi is provided as dry, free-flowing powder in a sterile vial and is available in a range of calibrated sizes.


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