Create Consistent, Effective Insufflation of CO2 During Cardiovascular Surgery

TEMED is a company based in Sidlesham, England, that manufactures the TEMED Gas Diffuser for use in open-heart surgery. The TEMED Gas Diffuser effectively provides a CO2 atmosphere to reduce the risk of air embolism and bacterial contamination during surgery. The microporous, hydrophobic, atraumatic tip allows precise placement into the surgical field and ensures carbon dioxide is diffused over the majority of its surface, creating a 100% CO2 atmosphere.

Testing of the TEMED Gas Diffuser has shown CO2 saturation of a model chest cavity is achieved within 60 seconds of initiating the flow at only 2.5 lpm. This saves 7.5 liters of CO2 every minute when compared to other marketed devices.

Gas Diffuser Features

  • 0.2 µm microbial gas filter to sterilize CO2 from its source to the diffusing tip
  • Clear malleable dual lumen tubing with annealed steel reinforcement for easy visibility and efficient placement
  • Transparent green gas line tubing to easily identify condensation
  • Hypdrophobic diffusing tip will not wet out and will diffuse gas over the majority of the surface despite accidental submersion in fluid

For more information about the science behind the TEMED Gas Diffuser and why air emboli are a problem, visit https://co2insurgery.com/.

The below video shows the TEMED Gas Diffuser being used by Dr. Kulvinder Lall in St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in central London, which performs 1000 heart valve procedures a year. The TEMED Gas Diffuser has been used in all of these procedures for the past ten years.



Maximize Flow While Minimizing Trauma with TEMED Cardiac Suckers

The single-use, atraumatic TEMED sump suckers efficiently remove blood and fluid from the surgical field. Available in two sizes, the suckers maximize flow while minimizing trauma.

TEMED Cardiac Sucker Sizes

  • P2525 TEMED Mini Sucker has an outer diameter of 4.8 mm and is 36 cm long, including the connector
  • P2524 TEMED Sucker has an outer diameter of 7.6 mm and is 44 cm long, including the connector

Click here to view effectiveness videos.


MED Alliance is the U.S. distributor for the TEMED Gas Diffuser and TEMED Cardiac Suckers.


For more information about these products, email [email protected] or visit temedmedical.com.

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